Sometimes you just need some solid, good ole, one-on-one time with whatever it is you’re working through. I get it, and I can definitely help you with that. In fact, one-on-one coaching is my favorite part of the business. I like using my own experience to help make a fellow single mom’s journey easier.

I work with single moms one-on-one on a variety of topics, the most common, of course, being how to maximize your money and create budgets that secure a bright future for you and your kids.

Many single moms come to me for coaching because they know there’s “more out there” but aren’t sure how to access it. Others feel stuck or unhappy, or just plain overwhelmed with all that has to get done in a day and they want/need a help taking care of themselves AND their children.

Many single moms come to me when ready for action, and need a guide.

These are just some of the many things coaching can help with, but there are many more reasons you might want to work privately with me.

Other areas of my expertise include:

  • Self Care coaching. If you are not taking care of yourself, your children are going to feel it.  I have the tools and resources to help you schedule in time for yourself on any budget.
  • Family Budget & Future Planning coaching  Money bring a lot of stress especially when you’re the one figuring everything out. I, just like you, am a single mom so I know just what you are looking for. I will work with you to figure out the best ways to pay of debt, save for a home or just plan a simple getaway or family night out.

Coaching is not about “fixing” you. You are already amazing, but you just might need some help tapping into how awesome you really are and maximizing what’s already in front of you. I can help you uncover resources you didn’t know existed so you and your kids have a better life.

One-on-one private coaching comes in a package of four hourlong sessions for $249 total.

I don’t ask for a long-term commitment because some people get what they need quickly, and others want longer-term support. It’s a very individual process and we will customize it just for you.

Not all clients and coaches are a match. If we’ve never worked together before, it’s important for us to get on the phone for 15 minutes to make sure I’m fully able to assist you with your specific needs, and that we have the right chemistry to fully support your journey.

If we’ve worked together before, and we know we’re a great match, go ahead and buy yourself a four-pack now.

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