We always have this epiphany in December…. “ in the new year, I’m done with…” , “next year I’m going to do…” but we never meet the target we want for ourselves. I really think that we mean what we say and want to do it, but I guess with getting caught up in the day to day, we simply fall back into our defaults. And even though we hate it, for some reason, we do nothing about it – oh but we do THINK about it all the time!

So – this blog is to help us stay motivated through the entire year and hopefully make a lifestyle change this time around not just a resolution.

Here are few tips I’ve done myself to make sure I stay on target.


We can pretty much talk ourselves out of anything, “well its raining”, “I’m never going to save enough money, so why try”, “ its just one donut” LOL. But really, we have to stop with the self doubt and excuses. Less maybes’ and laters’ and more I can and I will- NOW.  Shouts out to @brand_brandy on IG, she wrote today: There are no shortcuts. If its worth it, be prepared to work for it. There is no replacing good old fashion work, Throw away the belief that you can do minimal work and achieve maximum results. Decide what you are working for, devise a plan and then just do the work!

Set Reminders

I was just telling a good friend of mine that you have to very deliberate when are trying to make a change in your habits. When I made the choice that I wanted to be more active, I started setting alarms in my phone and not the cheesy motivational one but real life facts alarms. I had one that said “did you like the way you looked in that dress last week? NO now get up and take a walk.” (and that was a nice one) haha It’s hilarious now but it really did work for me. I am a very honest and facts driven person so I need reality checks to get me going but that’s me. Perhaps you need the positive motivation or the Happy Good Morning Fluffy reminder. There are soooooooooooooo many apps that you can download and set multiple reminders a day to keep you motivated. This is so simple and a quick way to remind yourself of your objective.

Find your tribe!

Find people who have already achieved or have the same goal as you do. Surrounding yourself with likeminded people will absolutely be motivational. Those days you are feeling uninterested, they are going to push you and remind you of your goal. Being around people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel really is contagious!

Vision Boards and Post notes

It seems cliché but I must admit this really does work. Especially for those visual people who need to visualize their target.  There are so many studies out there that say visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you a can do. I have Post It notes all over my house of quick reminders. Something as simply as a note in the bath reminding my son’s and myself to start the day with a positive thought. What you see and what you focus on becomes a part of your life.

Follow Groups and Hashtags

Social media is a way of life now whether we like it or not. So when you’re scrolling instead of seeing all the things that irritate you, load your timeline up with motivational things that you want to see. There’s a hashtag for everything Dieting, Exercise, Budgeting, Childcare, Cars, Keto, at home workouts, Scuba diving! I mean everything. Just the other day I saw someone go to the gym during the small snow storm we had in Baltimore with the hashtag #NoDaysOff. This motivated me to get up and do a work out video in my basement.

Last but the most simple REMEMBER YOUR GOAL! When you have a bad day that doesn’t mean throwing the whole goal out of the window. Get back on track the next day. We are human. We are going to make mistakes. Forever yourself. I always suggest that we have a “cheat day “ or a treat for yourself to help with not getting burned out. Just don’t over do it.

That’s it for now,

Deuces people

10 comments on “New Year, New Me HA!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your process for staying committed to your goals. It’s refreshing to learn more about you as a person. I really like the idea of following hashtags and setting personal reminders!

  2. my goal this year is has been to save 30 dollars a week. to achieve this goal I need to take my lunch everyday to stop buying fast food. so far I have saved 60 dollars.

  3. Great ways to stay motivated throughout the year. Change takes time and reminders are a good way to stay on track. Thanks for the motivation

  4. As a person who puts the “Pro” in procrastination, this is exactly what I needed to read for motivation. Thank you 👍

  5. I had to be around people with the same goals as me so we can help each other. I also write goals down with deadlines and am surpised how much I acheieved. So I believe I am a visual person. Anything worth having is worth a sacrafice. Thanks for your insight and knowledge.

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