Feeding your family can be very expensive. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the cost of feeding a family of four a healthy diet can run $146 to $289 a week. That means the bill for food can reach over $1,000 a month. (Now, that alone gets my blood pressure up) “Like how am I going to manage that?” (my voice lol for those of you that know it ☺)

My sons eat me out of house and home!!!!

So how do I feed my family without going broke? And on my income alone? I would like to try to feed my family healthy but I still need to save money. I mean food isn’t the only thing that I need to take care of.

Here are few tips that I use to help me spend my money wisely.

Make a grocery list and STICK TO IT! – Take inventory before you leave the house. We all know going to the market on an empty stomach is a dangerous thing. It can lead to major overspending. Plan out meals depending on how you are paid. Whether it’s weekly, or bi-weekly, plan your meals for that time period.

Look in the weekly advisement – See what products are on sale for the week. Stock up on non-perishable, i.e rice, beans, pasta, oatmeal, and can goods. These are great when funds are low or to fill in when you are feeding people with endless bellies 🙂

Cut out Snacks –  I know, I know. We have kids and they all love snacks but don’t waste your market money on them. When you have to maximize your coin, your grocery money should be just for that – groceries.  Meals that actually feed and sustain your family. Once you are finished getting everything off your grocery list, any extra money can be for snacks or, as I always tell my sons, that’s what convenience stores are for. This is also a way to cut out the junk food that your family Is eating. If it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it. So you are doing two positive things saving money and also cutting out junk food. Making both your budget and your family more healthy.

DO NOT pay for convenience – Anything that is already peeled, chopped, cut, sliced, minced, diced etc. costs more for less product. I know food prep can be very time consuming but it saves tons of money in the long run and is totally worth it.

Freeze! – Freeze anything to avoid waste. Make sure you do it properly to avoid food freezer burn. Ziplock bag, or my favorite investment, a food saver, give me the peace of mind that what I freeze will be good whenever I pull it out in the future.

These are my tip. Of course feel free to tweak them to work best for you. This is just a starting point. Let me know if it helps. 

Also, this simple market list tool from NepaMom.com really helps me out. Check it out!

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